WSF TECH 12_誰も見てない

WSF TECH 12_Mind Reset
(※ Bilingual of Japanese and English)

やりたいこと、やってますか? 試してみる機会はいくらでもあるのに、いつもの通り、できることだけをしていませんか? もしかして他人の視線を気にしていたりして。成功をイメージする前に、失敗する姿を思い浮かべて、その姿を見られたくないと心と体を「無難」にまとめていたりして。

Ricardo Campello(V-111)@ Tenerife 2019 / ⒸJohn
Ricardo Campello(V-111)@ Tenerife 2019 / ⒸJohn




Sarah-Quita Offringa(ARU-91)@ Fierteventura 2019 / ⒸJohn
Sarah-Quita Offringa(ARU-91)@ Fierteventura 2019 / ⒸJohn

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No One is Watching
The important thing is to experience different failures

Do you do what you want to do? You have plenty of opportunities to give it a try, but are you just doing what you can as usual? Maybe you care about the eyes of others. Before you imagine success, you might think of a failure and put your mind and body together “safely” if you don’t want anyone to see you.

Arthur Arutkin(F-7)@ Gran Canaria 2019 / ⒸJohn
Arthur Arutkin(F-7)@ Gran Canaria 2019 / ⒸJohn

If you’re scared of the fear of someone else’s eyes, you may need to rethink. Others aren’t looking at you as much as you think. Unless you’re a well-known professional, few people are really focused on your movements. Even so, if you don’t do what you want to do because you care about someone’s eyes, you’ll cut off the image of success.

Sometimes, if you don’t challenge positively and actively, your progress will level off. Sailing becomes a rut, and the feeling of exhilaration and fun gradually becomes less noticeable. Some of the world’s top riders-for example, Robby Naish and Kai Lenny, Ricardo Campello and Sarah-Quita Offringa have made more mistakes during free sailing than anyone else.

The important thing is to “experience different failures than to repeat the same success” and to have a gaze on yourself. Which one do you like better, the one who doesn’t do it or the one who tries it?

Ross Williams(GBR-83)@ Costa Brava 2019/ ⒸJohn
Ross Williams(GBR-83)@ Costa Brava 2019/ ⒸJohn

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